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Our Fab Story

Ram Gopal & sons and Herbul Henna Export House are two companies from the same manufacturer.

Herbul Henna Export House Brand 'Herbul' and  Ram Gopal & Sons Brand "EAGLE'S" are one of the pioneer names in the field of Henna-based hair dyes. We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of hair products in India. Ram Gopal & Sons are the Government of India's recognized export house. Herbul Henna Export House Brand 'Herbul' Ram Gopal & Sons Brand 'Eagle’s' are sold across India & Internationally, with a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide for 50 years. They are regularly being exported to Saudi Arabia, Algeria Nepal, UAE, Malaysia, Srilanka, USA, Mauritius, Bosnia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong & Indonesia for several years.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide the best-quality Herbal Hair products to our customers to give brilliant shine & nourishment at the same time at the most affordable prices.

Both Herbul Henna Export House and Ram Gopal & Sons have, with their dedicated in-house R & D team comprising of experts in cosmetics, chemistry & product design, developed a complete range of hair care products. These products are enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda, the age-old Indian science based on active natural ingredients, blended with modern formulations & individual fragrances.


Manufacturing Locations:

We have factories in multi-locations in India. Our units are located in the following cities:

  • Unit I:  Faridabad

  • Unit II:  Delhi

  • Unit III: Noida


All the products are made with IP/BP quality ingredients from world-class manufacturers. The products have been developed at our state-of-the-art research centers under strict GMP and ISO guidelines to provide unmatched quality. Strict quality management guidelines for international cosmetic norms are followed to the last detail – from purchasing all the way to production.


We employ strict production and operational quality procedures that guarantee that only the best biological extracts, herbs and natural oil form a part of the final herbal offerings.

We undertake intensive research and development to identify the most effective cosmetics and body care ingredients. We then synthesize, extract and otherwise source the identified natural components to create our formulations. Each item is designed to heal, rejuvenate, nourish, and pamper the user’s hair and skin. We have included the finest henna powder, oils, vitamins, and plants in our offerings to deliver quick effective results.

Each component delivers its nutrients and healing properties to make our formulations extremely effective in treating the skin.


All our products are crafted from health and welfare guidelines prescribed in the Ayurvedic texts hundreds of years ago. We have supplemented the knowledge with the latest farming and production techniques to create elixirs that have more relevance today than ever before. In-depth research and development have gone into creating each cosmetic.


We offer all necessary services from R&D and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. We tailor the final pack to suit demand and include all the necessary information that will help our partners sell the product successfully in their markets. We also partner with hotel chains, spas, retailers, and other parties that need our products under our branding.



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